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Is anyone using the Megascenery New York full version product( see

I'm having problems with the printed sectional charts that you get with the full verions of these packages. According to the Megascenery website inside the About link under Charts Included, the full versions "gives you all of the official FAA charts you need to fly your scenery.".

However, the two sectional charts I recieved in my package appear to have their area of coverage severely cropped compared to what I believe real FAA charts offer.

Also, a booklet in the Megascenery New York package contains detailed tutorials on using the charts. One tutorial shows a shows a screenshot of the sectional chart on pages 42 and 43. Also shown is the route drawn on the map that you should draw on the maps included in the box in order to follow along with the tutorial.

Oddly enough, one of the waypoints shown in the tutorial screenshot, Montauk Point, is completely off the edge of my map. So this effectively ends my attempts at following along.

Have any of the PC Pilot editorial team reviewed this product and found that the charts included are not the same as the official FAA charts, as claimed on the Megascenery website?

This is the first Megascenery product I've bought and wish to know if all the products in the series icnlude severely cropped charts before I buy any more.

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