The International Screenshot Art Contest Final Results

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The winners of the International Screenshot Art Contest 2006 as voted by the following Aviation Artists Michael Turner Charles Thompson Ronald Wong Edmund Miller (no website) Martin Bleasby Paul Couper at the Royal Air Force Museum, London on April 12th are as follows: Edited Category: 1st - Yogi with 'QRA Flight of 92 Sqn' wins Limited Edition print of 'Winter Ops' by Gerald Coulson courtesy of Aces High Aviation Gallery 2nd - Mangrove with 'Macchi Mc 205' wins 'Voice Buddy' by eDimensional 3rd - JG Planes with 'Twin Tailed Angel' wins One Just Flight product of your choice Un-edited Category: 1st - Camilo with 'Old Horizons' wins 'Audio FX Force Feedback Gaming Headset' by eDimensional 2nd - Graf with 'Mossies' wins One Captain Sim product of your choice 3rd - Schufly with 'Alaskan Night' wins Picture from Digital Aviation of your choice Big thanks to the sponsors :thumbsup2: Congratulations to you all. Those of you needing to select a prize please do so and would you all send me your full postal and E-mail address. I fully expect this to be repeated next year, but if I manage to gain a better list of judges I would be surprised. The full list of judges this year including the preliminary rounds were: Michael Turner, Charles Thompson, Ronald Wong, Edmund Miller, Martin Bleasby, Paul Couper, James Dietz, Mark Postlethwaite, John W. Clark, Wade Meyers and Russell Smith. How's that for name dropping! A huge thanks to the Artists for their time and interest. On behalf of the RAF Museum, San Diego Aerospace Museum and most certainly myself many thanks to you all for taking part in this contest. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Please go here to see the winners pictures in full If you would like more info on the display itself at the RAF Museum, London please go here Screenshot is very proud to announce, In association with the Trustees of the Clarence 'Kelly' Johnson Memorial in Michigan we bring you our second major contest of 2006. Sawyer International Airport is located near the City of Marquette, Upper Penninsula, Michigan at the site of former KI Sawyer AFB on the southern shore of Lake Superior. The memorial is located near the main entrance and every visitor to the airport passes the memorial. Sawyer serviced over 115,543 passengers in 2005. You can find out more about the memorial and airport here Please go here to read the details and how to post your entries. Good Luck!
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