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HI Pilots I am beginning to oil my hands on the MSFS04 v.09 and a brand new top rate Dell far, so good One Q - i have tried to download Mumbai airport AFCAD file from Avsim hoping that my Mumbai airport visuals would be enhanced. After downloading, in which folder of MSFS04 do I save this file ? Do I save it in the scenery folder? or the Autogen folder? Help would be highly appreciated as I am pretty new. Regds Dandpatta
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AFCAD files should be placed in: \Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\scenery But AFCAD files will rarely change the look of your scenery. Instead, it simply shuffles things around. For example, if you install new scenery and in the new scenery, the runway has moved from its original position, AFCAD will be used to tell Flight Simulator the new position of the runway. It can also be used to add additional parking and gates.