Rather annoying FS problem!

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Hi all,

I have recently been experiencing a somewhat annoying problem with my FS. :( The computer randomly decides sometimes to quit Flight Simulator. It just unexpectantly quits FS with no 'Are you sure you want to quit' warnings or nowt. This as you can imagine has me tearing my hair out and wanting to kill my computer!! :mad: :diablo:. Has any one ever experienced similar problems or anyone have any idea on how to rectify this??



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Funny it has happened to me sometimes, the game just switches off with no warnings and goes back to the desktop. Hasn't happened in a while to me so have forgotten about it but granted it is annoying.

Wish I could help out, my advice is to save periodicallu flights which may take a while as you can always go back to them when you restart the game.

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I have had this problem in the past, it lasted for over a year and had me tearing my hair out in frustration - the problem in the end...


As soon as your CPU or more importantly CPU reaches critical levels it will shut down either the game or the entire computer to cool off a bit. Once I sorted this problem out I have never had another crash (of the computer sort that is!)