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Hi, I have two major problems of which all assitance would be greatful: 1) Dissappearing AI Every last AI plane has dissappeared without trace, I have no idea why, checked everything I possibly knew, checked the AI was 100% and no vital looking files in the recycle bin :confused: 2) Choppers Does anyone know how to fly choppers in FS - I have extreme difficulty with the task and any suggestions on how to fly would be appreciated, Wozza
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Not sure on the AI but for the choppers just set all your realism settings to minimum and you will find it's pretty easy from there, this is the only way to be able to control one that I have found (cos I'm crap at it) :) D.

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I take it you're on about Project AI? Same thing happened to me, as a result FS is down the drain.
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There is a good tutorial on Avsimabout flying Helos HERE

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Check out www.hovercontrol.com Everything you ever needed to know about helos in FS. Including a virtual rotary wing 'rating' ! Turning realism down is cheating ! Bruce