Boeing 747/777 help required...

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Can anyone help me on FS2002, as I am having great difficulty in getting a 747/777 in the air.

I set the autopilot to the desired altitude, and obtain take-off clearence, I then set full-throttle and the aircraft begins to rotate, but fails to actually get off the ground, just drags its 'rear-end' along the ground before ploughing into a near-by house...

What am I doing wrong?

What should I do?

(oh, the number of times I have hit that damned house, surely the owners would get the message by now! :diablo: )

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You probably shouldn't have the altitude engaged for takeoff. It won't rotate properly?

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Make sure you set flaps 20 for the 747, and flaps 15 for the 777 for take off, check the fuel content too, load them up with 50% to start with, if they are real heavy they can be difficult to rotate, then set full power, wait until you have at least 150kts indicated airspeed, then you need to instigate rotation by pulling back on the joystick, set about 8-10 degrees nose up first, then when you have a positive rate follow the flight director


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Try a couple of "Clicks" of Upwards Trim too. This helps a lot. ;)

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I learned, the hard way,

Never try take-offs, or Landings (disastrous) with the Autopilot engaged - you gotta do it manually.