Texture problems in Flight Simulator 2004

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Hi all, I'm experiencing a lot of problems with Flight Simulator at the moment and it's starting to get to me. No matter what aircraft I fly, or why I fly it from/to, the textures disappear on one side of the aircraft, or you may find that the tail disappears from one side and the entire fuselage of the other side. It doesn't matter if I have really dense settings - bad weather, lots of scenery, AI traffic - or if I am flying with no traffic, sparse scenery complexity and out of one of the default airports. Shortly after I take off, the textures go crazy. Before I bought myself a graphics card late last year, I was getting the same problems, but realised that it was a harware-related issue. But now, I can't work it out. I've played around with the settings constantly to try and rectify the problem, but it does nothing. I've got so many aircraft and sceneries installed, that I am not especially keen on re-installing Flight Simulator. I only done it the last time a few months ago. Does anybody have any suggestions?
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Michael, can you post a screenshot and show us? Rgds Dean