Midflight texture appearance/disappearance

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HI Guys I need help on this - urgent. I recently bought a Dell 9150 with top of the range infrastructure. To get to the point, I have a nVidia 7300 LE Turbo as a graphix card. PROBLEM - distant land scenary textures disappear or appear. EXAMPLE - flying over the himalayas, the mountains will have snow peaked ridges one moment, then tropical greens the next. Flying over water, land sections appear / disappear at any given time. Same is the case with high sea flying. Go on lower altitudes, the water turns swimming pool blue. Go higher, and you have a mish-mash of colors + land mass appearing / disappearing. I Thought this was a problem of the driver so I uploaded updates as recent as last night. Still, same story. I've fiddled with screen settings to all extremes - from high res to low res, you name it... So - what do you think the problem really is? Should I reinstall MSFS04 as a last resort?
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Well I have had numerous problems with FS04 but nothing quite like this. My suggestion would be to re-install FS as it does usually solve the problem, annoying I know if you have loads of downloads but it may well be the only solution to your problem
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Dand Your problem does indeed sound like a driver issue, I had exactly the same with my new card last year, it was all singing - all dancing but the performance was terrible, it wasn't until I updated the drivers that my problem was solved and it flew along (pardon the pun), go to your manufacturer's website, also try turning off Vsync in your graphics card settings and see if that makes a difference, you will have to search in your settings for this to find it, I am at work so cannot guide you. Let us know Dean