Air Newcastle (VA) announces solution to under-performing LGW flights

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AIR NEWCASTLE ANNOUNCES SOLUTION TO UNDER-PERFORMING LONDON GATWICK FLIGHTS MONDAY 7TH AUGUST 2006 Having operated flights from Newcastle to London Gatwick with poor yields for nearly five weeks now, Air Newcastle this morning announces a change to its current route structure and the signing of a cooperative agreement with FlyReliance Virtual Airways to help aid growth for the next 3 months. As of September 1st, all of Air Newcastle's 6 daily services between the London airport and its Newcastle base will be operated by FlyReliance with brand-new Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Although FlyReliance are to supply the aircraft for the flights, pilots from either virtual airline will be able to operate flights exactly as they would do now and passengers should notice "relatively little change" commented Adam Streeter, Operations Manager Air Newcastle. "Passengers will be able to book their flights at the same cost from either website - the flights will now be even cheaper than we offered before". It is believed FlyReliance hope to take advantage of passengers connecting through Gatwick for flights on the rest of their european and international networks whilst Air Newcastle holds on to lucrative slots at the congested London airport. Air Newcastle hope to announce two fresh destinations available from Newcastle once its own aircraft becomes available following FlyReliance's takeover of its London Gatwick bound flights. "It hasnt been a total disaster for us" said Lee Lambert, General Manager Air Newcastle. "We just know we can make better use of the aircraft we have until new airframes are delivered. We hope to hit Gatwick again hard when the 3 months are up." Inside sources revealed the deal is worth more than a 7 figure sum and that both parties hope to work closer together in the future.
Air Newcastle is a virtual airline operating flights from Newcastle International Airport flying Boeing 737-800 aircraft to Amsterdam, Bergen, Brussels, Dublin, Ibiza, Jerez, London Gatwick, Palma and Prague airports.
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