Paint Kit for P51D Mustang Released

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Hi Simmers, The full paint kit for Warwick Carter's P-51D Mustang is now available: This is a full Paint Kit for the excellent Warwick Carter P-51D Mustang. Master textures are in DXT3 Format. The texture set contains a full white livery and two comprehensive multi layered Paint Shop Pro images (useable in Photoshop as well) - the multi layered artwork contains special dirt layers, a camo layer, detail layers, and many other features to assist you in creating some great repaints for this aircraft. It can be downloaded from the P-51D Mustang page. Repaints are welcome and can be released through any site that you wish to distribute from - however, only the textures (repaints) can be released - do not included the aircraft or any other misc files associated to the aircraft - ONLY TEXTURES please. Please refer people to the site for the aircraft download in your readme.txt or comments files. Regards and I hope you enjoy the use of the textures to paint up your favourite livery.
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Hi Garry, It looks like you have been burning the midnight oil again. Nice work! Cheers mate, Tony Radmilovich