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Hey I got a problem. I downloaded a few new aircraft folders to add on to my FS2004 but i dont know how to add them properly as when i think i have i start up FS but the aircraft i downloaded is not ther. It would be grateful if anyone could explain to me how to propely add the folder on to FS2004. Thanks a lot :)
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hey, well just download them normally, like to desktop and then use winzip to extract the files into to c/programfiles/microsoftgames/FS9/aircraft or on whatever drive you have the game on i hope i answered your question correctly, contact me if i'm wrong :) thanks
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you are rong with evry download there should be a readme just follow what it say s and you will have your new aircraft happend to me once but it was becouse i did have the airplane but it was instaled badly if you have problem s contact [email]jamesmsparker@hotmail.com[/email]
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eu typhoon. I hope you don't mind me saying this but... it is up to you to carry on placing your private email address on this forum for all to see. I would not. I would ask forum members to PM you, (personal message) instead. It is safe and easy to do. If you are O.K with this, well so be it. Brian.