Vigor Airways (VA) now flying!

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Vigor Airways, the hottest new entrant to the UK market tonight announces its intention to begin operating flights from Newcastle International Airport to Alicante, Berlin, Dublin, London Stansted, Malaga and Prague airports from Wednesday 28th February. The move comes as the airline announced 6weeks ago that it would fully restructure its Air Newcastle operation, giving the airline a revised fleet, a new route structure and a new corporate image in order to be more competitive. The airlines flying operations will initially centre around a single type of aircraft, the Airbus A320. Two aircraft were delivered to the airline this week as part of a previously announced deal with Pegasus Aviation for the leasing and maintenance of upto 8 of the 150 seat aircraft. Boeing 737 aircraft previously operated by the airline are now with other carriers as part of sub-lease arrangements. Vigor Airways will return these aircraft to the lessor between April and June this year. Executives from the airline are yet to release any expansion plans as a result of its recent reorganisation. It is however believed that the airline will announce a a rapid expansion plan in the coming weeks to cater for an increase in Spring and Summer flying. The first commercial flight for the new airline, flight VR101 will depart Newcastle for London's Stansted Airport at 06:30am on Wednesday morning with passenger loads anticipated to be in excess of 75%. Crews, passengers and observers are invited to for more information. Photo: Local aviation enthusiast Rupert Hughes catches our first Airbus A320-232 "Vigor1" on a crew familiarisation rotation earlier this week.
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Well said there like the real thing, Will there be any shots on the FS sim photos . Does Vigor mean anything at all? Fancy A F28 :D James