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We have probably all seen the numerous sites available that play host to Flight Sim videos etc. Some, like the ones available on the Machinima website are of outstanding quality and are excellent to watch being little movies with a good storyline, production, effects etc. Now some of us don`t have either the time or knowledge to invest in such elaborate things but there is a much simpler way to do it. Have you ever used the Flight Video option in FS2004? If you have, you may know that the computer saves it under a file name of FSR in a folder usually in your My Documents. I have started to see some people on other web sites post these so that others may look at what they have been up to.(I got one form Avsim today showing an F16 doing a High Speed approach etc and its always interesting to watch other peoples skill etc.) What I am suggesting is that we can do the same. We might chose say an areobatics competition. We get in our virtual aircraft, do our display (recording it of course) then we can either send it to one another for viewing or select a website to upload it for others to download as they wish. Of course it helps if we use a common aircraft, or do as some do, and include the aircraft folder that you are using so others can see and use, the aircraft in question. Myself, being a huge warbirds fan, would prefer to see a WW2 or early Jet used as opposed to say the Extra 300 but its your own choice. So, I`m off to practise in my Bearcat and would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Colin
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