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Hi, My name is Tom and I am new to this forum. I would like to say hello to everyone. I purchased the PC PILOT magazine (November/December N'43 - excellent magazine) and noticed that the freeware Socata TBM 700 was a featured download. The TBM is my favorite aircraft. To make a long story short, I somehow lost the CD disk that came with the magazine. I had a hard drive crash on my computer and have since purchased a new system. Unfortunately, I was unable to save any data from the old machine and my backups did not contain the new TBM files. The PC PILOT CD had some fixes for the TBM and I'm looking to see if there is anyway I can obtain the CD or at least the files pertaining to the TBM. I attempted to find them on the French forum but I don't speak French and did not understand which files to download. I know that this is an unusual request but would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you. Tom [email][/email] USA
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The two most obvious places to obtain what you're after have returned no results - eBay and of course, Key Publishing. Key Publishing seems to have sold out of this particular copy. I'd keep an eye on eBay for now.