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I have an older computer, 2.2 Ghz, 512mbs of RAM, 40G hard disc and a decent video card. It runs FS2004 just fine, but, perhaps predictably, FSX is hopeless on it. What are others using to see the full effects and benefits of FSX? Seems to me you need an absolute top of the line computer set up for gaming to make it even work. Any suggestions? I am dying to see all the detail people are raving about.
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If you're considering upgrading I would suggest holding on a little longer. The first Service pack (or patch) for FS-X is in beta which suggests it will be release 'soon' and there will be further changes when the new version of Direct X (10) is released. The simple answer to your question is that FS-X really needs the fastest CPU you can afford and at least 2Gb of RAM. Graphics card wise it would be wise to upgrade to a Direct X 10 compatible card. At the moment that would mean a NVidia 8800 based card which start around the £200 mark. Rgds, Bruce