YS-11 Pride of Japan (Technobrain, 2007)

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The benchmark software for the flight sim YS-11 Pride of Japan (Technobrain, 2007.06.04), http://www.4gamer.net/patch/demo/ys11/ys11.shtml features an ANK YS-11A-523, serial number JA8772. Reportedly, after her final flight on 2003.08.31, she was sold to Phuket AL of Thailand, painted red, and renumbered HS-KUO. http://air-dom-1.kokuden.com/ank_YS-11_JA8772.htm http://airport.world.coocan.jp/page501.html http://goodbyeys-11.com/ys/ http://ps-j.com/days/YS11/ BTW, the benchmark software gave my PC config a score of 1,159. Required hardware inimum score is 500 or 600.
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