Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory - patch

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Posts: 12 Hello people, Just a heads up for those not aware that the 2.06 patch has been released for Battle of Britain II: WOV. Theres a whole heap of new changes and bug fixes etc, that should allow for even better simming in the virutal 1940. Anyway heres a link to the shockwave forum's to the post about 2.06 Please note there are several downloads, The main Patch. The New multi-skin for historicle Aircraft paint's. DX-9 Download to enable the game to run. You must download the latest DX9 from microsoft to be able to play this version of the game. Have fun and please feel free to post feedback here, now that i'm monitoring the forum, (Thankyou admin). We need feedback to enable us to move forward, although 2.07 is already underway :) . All feedback is taken and added to what is in effect a long list and then looked at and given a priority and with any luck can be added into the game at a later date. As I've already said have fun in the Virtual skies Thankyou, Lewis - Shockwave Support
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