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Hello. i have quite a big problem with my FS2004 at the moment and was wondering if anyone could help. i've tried looking for a support e-mail address at Microsoft. but when i tried it came to a page where u had to pay £40.00 for support :eek: ok. soo its been around 3 days trying different things. the basic problem is that when i go to fly i get frames of around 4FPS but then when i click off the problem, eg i click onto the task bar. the frames jump to around 26FPS, also there seems to be no sound coming through, but theres sound for music and i was wondering is anyone has any ideas? i've tried re-installing it. restoring back to previous days but the System Restore says "System restore was incomplete" and its quite annoying now. as im stuck for anymore ideas. please could anyone help? here are the pics to help understand. [first picture is when im on flight sim, 2nd pic is when i click off FS] Any information would be great! Thanks =] JT :)
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1 what are your system specs 2 what display setting are you running in game? 3 run it in window mode, i found it runs slightly better
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Sorry I cannot be of any help, although I have also had both of these problems. The frame rates used to dip to 1/second, but after a quick restart of Flight Simulator, all would be fine again. Also, my sound occasionally disappears, too. Again, it can only be fixed by restarting Flight Simulator, although you can get sound on Windows Media Player for example.

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Used to have this problem a lot until I uprated my system, fluctuating frame rates, going along quite nicley then for now apparent reason stuttering images with rates down in the low ones or two per second, reboot and all back to normal, never really found an answer except to lower various settings which improved the performance no end, lowering the overall scenery size, changing Tri too Bi linear filtering, Anti Aliasing settings lowered and of course the old thorn of lighting. Anyway I have another problem that has cropped up out of the blue that maybe someone can help with....Sound, specifically the loss of ATC/ATIS voice, everything else works just fine, loud as you like but the loss of ATC voice is a real pain. Re-installed 2004 again and agaijn in an attempt too rectify this problem to no avail.