looking for some modern combat "sims", any recommendations?

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I don't own an Xbox 360 or a PS2 at the moment.. just a PC although I may consider buying a console..

looking for any recent modern combat "sim". I'm not looking for something terribly accurate in terms of real world emulation.. just something with nice graphics and fun to play (like Ace Combat... unrealstic game play but very fun and very realistic graphics).

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at the moment the big combat simulations are fro modern aircraft: LOCK ON (great a really great sim) for oldies you can try IL-2 or CFS3.

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The original Microsoft CFS is still good fun.Although it's based on Fs98 technology,you still need your wits about you and your gunnery needs to be accurate.
It's nice and easy on framerates and will run on virtually any modern computer(Windows'98,2000,Me,XP operating systems)

IL-2 is still awsome.The graphics are good and the a/c's superb.Levels can be set from easy through to expert.
You really do need to think what you're doing and your gunnery needs to be good.

Here's my trusty IL-2 '109


If you've never seen IL-2 in action then watch this clip on YouTube.
This is IL-2 pretty much at it's best and this guy makes it look very easy!!!



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Lock-on: Modern Air Combat

Lock-on is the latest modern combat flight sim, but make sure you have the hardwaare to run it. Also there was a split in development/publishing. It was originally a Ubisoft title but now under the 1C Company.

Another add-on is in the works called Black-shark adding the Ka-50 Attack Helo, but there are also plans to update the A-10 modeling as well.



Amazon listings:

Lock-on: Modern Air Combat (Ubisoft):


Flaming Cliffs Add-on (1C, Highly recommended):


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Another one worth a look if you want the complexity of a modern fighter is Falcon 4. You may have to hunt for a copy (Ebay?).


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If you go with Falcon 4 then I would recommend the Allied Force version as it works nicely right out of the box (although there are patches available). It is not a beginners sim though.

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Falcon 4.0 Allied Force is a fantastic simulation, I wouldn't call it a game!

I don't think this would suit you very well as its a very accurate sim of an F-16, although i would recommend IL-2 1946, CFS3 or if you want a bit more of a challenge Wings over Europe or Wings over Vietnam or even Lock-On

Hope that helps

F4.0 is my fave but i'm still learning about the radar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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by modern I assume you refer to 'jet' era?

There are few good SIMs in development nowadays. But there are still some good options available, such as Lock on, Falcon 4, and even TAW (pretty old but the awacs and campaign are pretty cool, it's also the best F-22 sim IMO)

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I see Falcon 4 allied force has a mention and having 'played' nearly all flightsims out over the last decade i can definatly say thats a goody for sure, but if you want one better get Falcon 4 with either the OpenFalcon mod or get Red Viper for the ultimate in modernflight simming. Lock on was ok too, not too realistic but the Flaming cliffs mod (pretty sure thats right name even though odd) for it is said to be really awesome, it focuses on the SU-25 frogfoot and is meant to be extremely authentic to the real aircraft. Edit:to elaborate a bit, Falcon 4 open falcon is the most realistic version, with some seriously cool avionics enhancements, whilst Red Viper is the much sexier version of Falcon 4 with really nice graphics,its still more complex then the origonal Falcon or the allied force version though but not as complex as open falcon. Like i say all three versions are great but personally Red Viper is the king.

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I personally preffer OpenFalcon and allied force over red viper. For any hardcore modern combat flight simer Falcon4 is an addiction. Look for Jane's combat sims series(they are a mix of study rims and simlites) by EA on Ebay but only if u still have a pc with win98.