my aircraft textures load metallic? anyone know how to help?

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hi folks sorry if ive posted this in the wrong forum but ive had FSX for nearly a year everything going great i updated the service pack to sp1 but the last 5-6 weeks everything has went wrong suddenly the aircraft textures are metallic (ive downloaded various airlines into the sim) plus the default planes are either metallic aswell or u see a skeleton version of the plane or sometimes just the crew. ive had my laptop checked to see if i need upgraded hardware no problems ive even installed fsx on my brothers pc works ok, i would be extremely greatful if anyone can help me with the problem, be it something i need to configure etc..... :confused: paul fsxscot
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Have you made any changes to your video setup/drivers recently?

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The following applies if your computer works reasonably well with whatever else you do with it and it sounds as if it does. However FSX is very processor and RAM intensive and with the A1 aircraft you've loaded into it I very much suspect you're expecting too much. Go through the motions of starting a flight and get the metallic stuff up, then walk away from your Laptop, have a cup of tea, go shopping whatever. If, after a long time, say an hour, your textures still haven't resolved themselves into the proper colours etc., it's ten chances to the penny you've got insufficient processing power. If, they do come on but take as long as you intimate, then you probably still haven't enough processing power. Even if they come on after a very long time I suspect your flight experience, especially taxiing around an airport would almost be like a slide show with stutters and very low frame rates. Try it. See how you get on before you start spending money. Unfortunately though, I suspect it probably does mean you need a more powerful machine for what you want to do. John Y

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flying people ive managed to produce something similar, a pilot flying around the sim without any sign of an aircraft, i can achieve this only by turning all settings to maximum..i build my own rigs and this one was top banana 6 months ago, the new rig is being assembled it too will be top banana for about 2 weeks, such is the march of progress. the alternative to an obssesion with the hardware is tune the sim down a bit and enjoy, or like i do less simming and mostly, hardware changes, cooling solutions, overclocking, benchmarking, and poverty. the co efficient of drag is inverseley proportional to the square of the velocity..( the faster you go the harder it gets )..jim