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In issue 59 of PCPilot, on pages 79 and 80 there are pictures of the Saitek power quadrant showing 7 (seven) red lines below the 0 (zero) setting. I'm thinking this is for reverse thrust. PROBLEM: When I go online to purchase this quadrant all I see in the photos are quadrants with 1 red line at the bottom - no reverse thrust. Where can I purchase the one that is illustrated in issue 59 of PCPilot? :confused:
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The throttle quadrant we did the review on was a early model. I will check with Saitek and see if they have done any design changes since then. Drop me an email to remind me in a few days if you havent heard from me.
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I own two of these units. The production throttles are as illustrated in the review (seven red lines below the 0). The web site and box art uses early artwork in places. I should point out the axis bottoms with a detent at the position where the the levers are marked with the "0" position. Move the lever below that to the bottom and it's registered as a button. The red lines give the impression that it's a range where it is not. Assuming you want to use it with MS FS; it's possible to configure FSUIPC to map a part of the throttle axis range to reverse thrust, or even assign the bottom detent to the reverse thrust key. One issue I have with using multiple units is that the axis don't ramp evenly, so it's had to balance thrust without fiddling around with settings to get them reasonably even. Internal build quality is not brilliant, but it does the job for a reasonable price. Some patience required, apart from that, I wouldn't sim without it. /You have control