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PC Pilot – Sept/Oct issue on sale NOW

In this issue:

Scenery Creation in FSX – Part two of our in-depth series examines some common problems and shows you how to deal with them

A Flight Sim Pilot's Guide to Jet Airliners – In this issue we discuss one of the most complex aspects of the Boeing 747-400 – its unique fuel system

Air Combat Simulation Tutorial – We offer some hints and tips on successful flight and fight in the ‘Cadillac of the Skies’ – the P-51 Mustang

GA Flight Sim Training – Stage two of our GA training begins by expanding your knowledge of navigation, light aircraft performance, using maps, charts, radio navigation aids and some step-by-step navigation training flights

Digital Combat Simulator: The Black Shark – Chris Frishmuth previews the extraordinary detail of this highly anticipated helicopter sim

The Hotseat Chassis – Here at PC Pilot we’re always on the lookout for hardware to enhance our simming experience. We’re pleased to say we’ve found something that fits the bill!

• Hawk (Skysim)
• 757 Captain (Captain Sim)
• De Havilland Mosquito (Just Flight)
• Hughes H-1B Racer (Aerosoft)
• Avenger (MAAM Sim)
• The Early Years of Flight (First Class Simulations)
• WWI Fighters (First Class Simulations)
• Ultimate Terrain X (Flight 1)
• VFR Airfields (Horizon Simulation)
• HotSeat Chassis
• Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar

ALSO: Latest news, Editor’s letter and Tutorial flight!

Free CD-ROM including:
Movies: Hughes H-1B racer, Airbus A380, Embraer E-Jets, Vulcan
FS Freeware: Mcdonnell Douglas F-15E, Cessna Citation 500 and much more.
Demo’s: JF Mosquito, JF Denham and White Waltham Airfields

Available now from WHSmith, Borders and all other leading newsagent priced £4.99. Alternatively, click here to order online.

Flypast November Issue – OUT NOW

Last flight of the Cargomaster – The last airworthy Douglas C-133 is retired to California
Deuces and Tubs – The world’s first supersonic all-weather jet interceptor USAF’s F-102 Delta Dagger
Night Hecklers – the exploits of the US Navy Vought Corsairs of VC-3 in Korea
March of time – the relics on show at the USAF’s Reserve base facility

Chester’s Spitfire – A history of the glorious 610 Squadron in action
Alpine Hunters – Switzerland marks the 50th anniversary of the Hunter in service
Old shadows in a new light – The superb Historic Aircraft Restoration Society collection in New South Wales
Back to the future – The recreation of an epic 1923 flight to Brussels with replicas of pioneering Czech Monoplanes

• All the latest news including; Spitfire bound for China, Vulcan on the brink and the RAF’s Hampden
WIN! Your chance to own one of six Just Flight Mosquito Flight Sim add-ons
• All your favourite regulars including; Ops Board, FlyPost, Workshop, Finals and Airshow reports including Children in Need, Shoreham and Spanhoe!

Available NOW from WHSmith, Borders, all other leading newsagents and online from Key's Aviation Shop priced just £4.10!


Rolls-Royce: Powering the Whispering Giant - The Trent 900 Engine

The Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines power the world’s largest airliner, the Airbus A380.

In February 2001, Rolls-Royce announced the launch of one of the most ambitious engineering programmes in the company’s Civil Aerospace history – to develop the Trent 900 engine to power the Airbus A380, a new and exciting aircraft which would become the largest civil airliner ever built.

The Trent 900 is the 4th member of the Trent family, and holds pride of place as the largest jet engine ever produced by Rolls-Royce. ‘Powering the Whispering Giant’ plots the Trent 900 journey in photographs from concept to design, development, testing, first flight on the A340 flying test bed, flight test on the A380, Route Proving, Service Readiness and Entry into Service in October 2007.

This colourful publication combines the best images from throughout the programme, with descriptions of each major step along the way, to offer the reader a unique insight into one of the most public and most exciting new jet engine programmes ever undertaken.

Just £15.99 + p+p!

Click here to order your copy from Key’s Aviation shop

RAF Official Calendar 2009 [M106]
The Official Royal Air Force 2009 Calendar features 12 superb images of iconic aircraft from across the history of the RAF, from the historic Lancaster Bomber to the futuristic Eurofighter Typhoon. Also featured is a centre-page tribute to English aviation pioneer Sir Thomas Sopwith.

The artwork, from the Royal Air Force collection, is set over 12 high-quality, glossy pages making this calendar the perfect accompaniment to the year ahead!

Price: Just £9.99 +P+P!

Click here to order your copy from Key's aviation shop

Ultimate Flight Tests
20 Great Aircraft from the Cockpit

Special Collectors' Edition
Brought to you by the Today's Pilot editorial team, this special 'From the Cockpit' Collectors' Edition features 20 exclusive flight tests. With expert opinion, stunning photography and inspirational commentary plus a foreword by Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown CBE DSC AFC RN
Ultimate Flight Test is a must-buy for all aviation enthusiasts.
Flight tests include:
- ACA Super Decathlon
- Aero L39 Albatros
- Skyleader
- Cessna Mustang
- Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo
- Diamond DA-42 TwinStar
- North American T-6
- Supermarine Spitfire TR9
- Piper PA-18 Super Cub
- Eurocopter EC135
- Focke-Wulf FW-44 Stieglitz

Just £6.99! Free P+P*

Only available online from Key’s Aviation Shop. Click here to order your copy now!


Traffic 2004 [SIM25]
Building on the formidable heritage of FS Traffic and FS Traffic 2002, comes the ultimate enhancement for FS 2004, providing AI traffic of real-world airliners and general aviation aircraft. Your simulated airports will be nearly as busy as the real ones!

Traffic 2004 comes with custom tools to adjust and expand the program and it's even got it's own website at where users can exchange information and download resources to make Traffic 2004 even more powerful.

Expansion for Flight Simulator 2004

Price: JUST £7.99 plus free p+p!*
Click here to order your copy from Key's Aviation Shop

Captain Speaking 2002 [SIM17]
Captain Speaking was hailed by the press as the ultimate ATC program and now the special edition brings you even more great features.

The acclaimed approach procedures are now even more accurate and crew can be heard using their own language when flying over their native country. More flights, more detail, varied weather and holding patterns means that no two journeys will be the same.

Upgrade for Flight Simulator 2002

Price: JUST £8.99 plus free p+p!*
Click here to order your copy from Key's Aviation Shop

Airbus A340 [SIM118]
Part of Just Flight's new F-Lite range, this A340 package has been specially designed by the experts at Commercial Level Simulations to be very high in quality and yet easy to operate.
Fed up with ultra-complex FMCs? Confused by over-serious systems? Or are you new to modern airliner operations? If the answer to any of these is YES, then the F-Lite range is for you! A high-quality model design is coupled to very high-quality textures, animations and super flight model characteristics - and all at an affordable price. You can admire your aircraft, then jump in and fly the world's long-distance routes without having to go to college to learn how to do it.

Price: JUST £9.99 plus free p+p!*
Click here to order your copy from Key's Aviation Shop

Airbus A320 - Pilot in Command Sim46
The most realistic Airbus A320 this side of your local airport!

Developed and tested by an active Airbus pilot, Wilco's add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 gives you the meticulously detailed panels, the true-to-life Flight Management Computer (called the Flight Management and Guidance Computer in Airbus-speak) and dozens of nerve-wracking malfunction simulations. On top of that, A320 Pilot in Command delivers exclusive new features made possible by Wilco's proprietary new FS NAT (New Animation Technology).

Active 3D Cockpit - Enabling you to control the aircraft directly from FS2002's virtual cockpit without switching to a 2D flat panel. Pan and zoom around the flight deck to your heart's content, then click any button or switch to activate the autopilot, grab the throttle, access the FMGC, or perform any other operation right from the 3D view. It's the way to really fly - virtually.

Price: JUST £16.99 plus free p+p!*
Click here to order your copy from Key's Aviation Shop

For more of our fantastic flight sim offers see the dedicated SIM SPECIAL thread!

*UK and BFPO orders only

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