Aircraft Recommendation for Trip?

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Hello all,

I'm planning to do a large trip on flight simulator; from the UK to the USA, touring the USA in smaller flights, then back to the UK. Looking for ideas for a decent aircraft to fly (preferably civil). It needs to be; fairly fast, not too large enebling smaller airport useage, rage needs to be good too (for getting round the Atlantic via greenland etc to the US). I'm looking at a King Air of sorts and would be willing to look at a payware add-on. Has anyone got any ideas or any other suggestions? I currently have FS2004 and am contemplating buying FSX anyway.

Cheers, Huw:)

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Am new to FSX and it is certainly worth it. There is a nice king air included along with a Mooney / Baron (both with glass cockpit versions as well) FSX is quite resource hungry though so a decent spec PC is a must otherwise frame rates will suffer.

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You could try the Learjet. It takes most of the golfers who own them around the world, so I suspect it would be ideal for you. There are reasonable default Learjets in both FS9 & FSX.

By the way, unless you have a really powerful machine, don't mess with glass cockpits. The instrumentation in the VC's are quite good enough.