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My first post here , so I thought I would introduce myself .
My name is John Glanville and have lived in the Netherlands since 1975 . Until 1974 I was in the RAF stationed at RAF Wittering , as an Air Photography Operator ( and NO didn't get to fly ) . Having come across this site I joined up and have been waiting to get a chance to post here . I recently started to paint aircraft in the flight sim and have had several repaints posted on AVSIM . A few weeks ago I bought Alphasim's Hawker Hunter and was glad to see a 45 sqn repaint included ( even if the squadron badge is reversed on one side !! ) . I then went on to make a 58 sqn repaint . After trolling the net and armed with a few photo's I ended up with XJ686 .
After reading about Flt Lt A.R.pollock's flight under Tower Bridge on the %th of April 1968 ( thread is on this site ) I decided to make this repaint as well ( XF442 code 'H )' , also it turns out that after Mr Pollock "retired" from the RAF his personal aircraft ( XE624 code 'B' ) was painted with a tower bridge "kill" on the nose !! So someone in the RAF had a sense of humour after all .Another screenshot is a 45 / 58 Sqn Hunter with a combined squadron bage on the nose .
With thanks to Alphasim's paintkit .
Enough about me , onto the screenshots :

Tried to recreate Flt Lt Pollock's flight here .

These are still aWORK IN PROGRESS as there are still a few things to change .
As soon as AVSIM's file library is up and running I shall be uploading them .


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