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PC Pilot July/August Issue OUT NOW


P-47 Thunderbolt – a memorable mission!
In this, the second of a series, we re-enact a real combat mission as realistically as possible, this time using A2A Simulations’ superlative P-47 Thunderbolt add-on for FSX. The purpose of this article is to recreate the last mission of Lt Col Neel Kearby - an American ace who had already received the Medal of Honor.

X-Plane 9 - A Beginner's Guide
In the third part of this ongoing series on X-Plane 9, Richard Benedikz offers advice on choosing and configuring your flight controls.

Flight Simulator - A Beginner's Guide
In this series we have looked at everything from setting up your computer to run Flight Simulator to filing flight plans, but one topic that we have really only skimmed the surface of is one of the most basic and important elements of flight simulation... sound!

Jet Airliners - A Flight Sim Pilot's Guide
In this issue of our airliner guide, as promised, we continue on our flight from Manchester to Orlando with a discussion on Air Traffic Control procedures from the point of view of a 747-400 pilot.

GA Flight Sim Training

One of the most fascinating subjects in flying is meteorology - the study of weather. After all, flying is all about our motion through the same environment that generates all manner of weather. In this issue of our GA flight sim tutorial, we examine some of the basics that better prepare us for more complex navigation techniques.

Human Element
It happens in the best of hobbies. You start out playing around with something you enjoy doing, whether it be golf, fishing or knitting and at some point in the process, you find yourself being paid for your expertise. This issue's Human Element puts the spotlight on those who make a living from Flight Simulation!


Latest product reviews including:
727 Captain (Captain Sim)
Piper Arrow IV (Carenado)
Vulcan B.2 Bomber (IRIS)
Manhattan X (Aerosoft)
Air Hauler (Just Flight)
Cyborg X Flight Stick (Saitek)

All your favourite PC Pilot regulars including:
Editor’s Letter


Cover CD featuring:
MOVIES: F/A-18E Super Hornet, P-47 Thunderbolt
DOWNLOADS: Aero Vodochody L-159A, Douglas DC-6, AutoEnvironment V1
DEMO: FTX Tasmania
and much more!

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Produced by Key Publishing’s award-winning team of expert military aviation journalists, Air Combat features over 40 of the World’s top military aircraft. From the fastest combat jets to essential helicopters and huge transports, from the remote airfields of Pakistan to the cobalt skies of Nevada, Air Combat 2009 takes you on a whirlwind tour of the world’s most advanced air forces and the aircraft that make them tick

Set over 100 high-quality pages, Air Combat combines the best aerial photography with our outstanding knowledge of the world’s air forces to provide a must-have addition to any aviation enthusiasts’ collection.

Features include:

- Over 40 military aircraft and helicopters, including F/A-18F Super Hornet, Apache AH1 and F-22 Raptor.
- Air Forces from across the world including RAF, USAF and those in Europe, Asia and South America.
- Full aircraft combat history.
- Production and delivery dates.
- Latest roundels and markings.

Air Combat is available now for just £4.99 with FREE P&P* from our online shop. Alternatively, pick up your copy from WHSmith, Borders and all other leading newsagents.

Airports 2009 CD-ROM

Written by Alan Lord, The Airports CD-ROM has been substantially updated for 2009. The information is presented in an eye-catching 'web browser' style and includes the option to search any airport by name, IATA or ICAO code or parent city - making Airports 2009 a must-have for any civil aviation enthusiast!


- Over 1,000 airports

- New maps and photographs

- Spotters locations

- Detailed airport database from every continent

Code: (CD5)
Price: Just £9.99 plus FREE P&P*
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Hurricane Salute
Produced by the world renowned FlyPast editorial team, this special issue magazine pays tribute to a wartime warhorse which shot down more enemy aircraft than any other defence during the Battle of Britain and destroyed more enemy aircraft than any other allied fighter during World War Two.
Key Publishing's latest 100-page special issue provides a long overdue insight into the Hurricane


- 'First' and 'Last' Hurricanes

- The Battle of Britain

- Fighter Command's only VC

- The Battle of France

- Aces

- Squadrons

- Variants

- Worldwide Survivors

- Rebuilding and covering

- Flying the Hurricane, plus much more!

Code: [FPHURR]
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RAF Annual Official Review 2009

The Aircraft - The Weapons Systems - The Operations - The Personnel

Produced by Key Publishing's award-winning team of expert military aviation journalists, working closely with RAF personnel in the UK and overseas, the RAF Official Annual Review 2009 provides a complete portrait of the aircraft, the missions and the people who comprise Britain's 21st Century air defence operations.

Set over 132-high quality pages, this special publication includes:

- Exclusive access to the Typhoon, Tornado and Harrier

- Operations including Telic, Iraq and Herrick, Afghanistan

- Behind-the-scenes look at the RAF's renowned flying training system

- The support network who keep aircraft in the air - including the RAF Regiment

- Search and rescue, air defence and fighter control from across the UK

- All current weaponry systems plus the possible future role of space technology

- Red Arrows, Battle of Britain memorial flight, Falcons and much, much more!

Just £4.99 plus FREE P&P*
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Rolls-Royce: Powering the Whispering Giant - The Trent 900 Engine

The Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines power the world’s largest airliner, the Airbus A380.

In February 2001, Rolls-Royce announced the launch of one of the most ambitious engineering programmes in the company’s Civil Aerospace history – to develop the Trent 900 engine to power the Airbus A380, a new and exciting aircraft which would become the largest civil airliner ever built.

The Trent 900 is the 4th member of the Trent family, and holds pride of place as the largest jet engine ever produced by Rolls-Royce. ‘Powering the Whispering Giant’ plots the Trent 900 journey in photographs from concept to design, development, testing, first flight on the A340 flying test bed, flight test on the A380, Route Proving, Service Readiness and Entry into Service in October 2007.

This colourful publication combines the best images from throughout the programme, with descriptions of each major step along the way, to offer the reader a unique insight into one of the most public and most exciting new jet engine programmes ever undertaken.

Just £15.99 + P&P

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RAF Official Calendar 2009 [M106]

The Official Royal Air Force 2009 Calendar features 12 superb images of iconic aircraft from across the history of the RAF, from the historic Lancaster Bomber to the futuristic Eurofighter Typhoon. Also featured is a centre-page tribute to English aviation pioneer Sir Thomas Sopwith.

The artwork, from the Royal Air Force collection, is set over 12 high-quality, glossy pages making this calendar the perfect accompaniment to the year ahead!

Price: Just £9.99 + P&P

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Ultimate Flight Tests

20 Great Aircraft from the Cockpit

Special Collectors' Edition
Brought to you by the Today's Pilot editorial team, this special 'From the Cockpit' Collectors' Edition features 20 exclusive flight tests. With expert opinion, stunning photography and inspirational commentary plus a foreword by Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown CBE DSC AFC RN
Ultimate Flight Test is a must-buy for all aviation enthusiasts.
Flight tests include:
- ACA Super Decathlon
- Aero L39 Albatros
- Skyleader
- Cessna Mustang
- Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo
- Diamond DA-42 TwinStar
- North American T-6
- Supermarine Spitfire TR9
- Piper PA-18 Super Cub
- Eurocopter EC135
- Focke-Wulf FW-44 Stieglitz

NOW JUST £3.99 + FREE P&P*

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Traffic 2004 [SIM25]
Building on the formidable heritage of FS Traffic and FS Traffic 2002, comes the ultimate enhancement for FS 2004, providing AI traffic of real-world airliners and general aviation aircraft. Your simulated airports will be nearly as busy as the real ones!

Traffic 2004 comes with custom tools to adjust and expand the program and it's even got it's own website at where users can exchange information and download resources to make Traffic 2004 even more powerful.

Expansion for Flight Simulator 2004

Price: JUST £7.99 + FREE P&P*
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Airbus A340 [SIM118]
Part of Just Flight's new F-Lite range, this A340 package has been specially designed by the experts at Commercial Level Simulations to be very high in quality and yet easy to operate.
Fed up with ultra-complex FMCs? Confused by over-serious systems? Or are you new to modern airliner operations? If the answer to any of these is YES, then the F-Lite range is for you! A high-quality model design is coupled to very high-quality textures, animations and super flight model characteristics - and all at an affordable price. You can admire your aircraft, then jump in and fly the world's long-distance routes without having to go to college to learn how to do it.

Price: JUST £9.99 + FREE P&P*
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