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Afternoon everyone

I bought the latest PC Pilot from WH Smiths as I'm coming back to flight sim and it said about the CD Content now available from the website under "Online Content".  Problem is I cannot see it anywhere.

Any clues?



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I seem to have the same problem.

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All I can see is that you can't dowload the entire content of the CD in one file. When they added this they said it was due to popular demand. Why remove it ????? 

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We have added the full downloadable contents in one single file again for Issue 126. Apologies, but that one slipped under the radar during the migration process, but it will be available for future issues. I will also update the back issue content to Issue 100 over the next few days/weeks as and when time allows.

To get to the global PC Pilot download section, you can use the following link: (it is also accessible on the footer on the main Key.Aero homepage).