"New" Forum issues.

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Functionality from the Historic Aviation tabs briefly returned last night (8-9pm) but is not working again this morning i.e. if you are not logged in on the PC, when you click on the main Historic Aviation tab (left hand side of main screen) and, or the drop down tab (top right) it just opens to a plain grey screen with no text etc. :(

However the short cut to non-logged in Historic Aviation home page, off the iPhone is now working again!

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Where have my friends gone? Are they a part of our history due to the new overhaul. We appear to have about 800 active members out of a total of 33,000, when does a member become 'de-activated' ?!

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Where have my friends gone? Are they a part of our history due to the new overhaul. We appear to have about 800 active members out of a total of 33,000, when does a member become 'de-activated' ?!

Active Members shows how many members have logged in over the last 30 days.

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Although not as bad as it was at first, the forum's still painfully slow.
Is this as good as it's likely to get?

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This upgrade is a complete disaster. Congratulations on making the forums unusable.
I'm out.

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Hi All,
I agree the new layout is frustrating but it could be just a matter of time to get used to it ? I did like the old style of editing (When it worked properly) but this seems to be less user friendly as far as that goes,, unless I have missed something ?

Also I liked the smiles and it appears they have vanished (Yes I know very childish but hey! each to his own).


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Where have the smile’s gone? They were an essential part of the old forum. I hope they will be back soon.

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Hyperlinks in existing threads don't work. And how do you add links?


OK, figured how to add links.

Got to say though, I'm afraid I don't like the new format either.

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Ooh boy...………..thought I had accidently taken some illegal substance, this will take some getting use to!

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Why the white background and grey text ?
Its too bright and not enough contrast.
Why do web designers not consider users with sight problems.

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I haven't seen a forum this clunky since 1998 when all the commands had to be entered in BBCode. Has Key Aero regressed to that?

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i dont really like the new layout, feels so empty, lots of wasted space, feels claustrofobic.
also, where's the "mark forums read" tab?

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I am hugely unimpressed. If things don't pick up, and soon, I'm afraid you'll have to rely on Facebook for Meteor project updates, as they won't be on here!

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This is not an improvement. It's pure fresh bulls>>t!

I can't even find my own postings to view them

I doubt I'll be back.


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I've always been ready to give changes to forums the benefit of the doubt, as I did with the recent change to the old forum a few months back. But this is just plain silly.

Why are posts limited to a tiny square in the centre with so much white space either side? Why are we getting the original post that started a thread always reappearing with page changes? Isn't there any way of putting in necessary changes, if required, while at the same time retaining the old format

This should be a discussion forum not a test of endurance.

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For god sake, change the scripture. The current one is very hard to read, even with my glasses!. Find one with a better. And the yellow color burns my eyes. What happen to the blue ones? The were much better for the eyes.

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Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha you have got to be joking. Who designed this cr@p.?

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Wasn't going to join the criticfest, but let things settle and hopefully improve (!). What puzzles me, having no experience of programme writing or other in depth computer work, that we have had in the last two to three years attempts at forum 'improvement and upgrade.' Nothing has worked as we all know. How come, other forums work perfectly year after year without 'improvements' ? Is it not possible to copy their system or programme without trying to invent the wheel again??

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Afternoon all,

I don't think I've been on this thread yet, there's a lot to keep up on at the minute. I'm Khalem and I'm trying to be the communicative representative from Key. A bridge between developers and users. I myself am I journalist on AFM/ Combat Air/ Air International and a contributor on Key Aero. I'm NOT a forum developer. But here to help. I've heard your criticisms and have passed them onto the development team. We are listening!

Anyway, the forum update is here, check it out below (I made a thread for it so its easier to keep track)


Thanks for bearing with us.