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We are currently looking at developing an alternative theme for the forum. Please could you post your suggestions into this thread. 1 item per post if possible would be preferable.


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My immediate suggestion is look at Pprune. They did a software update in June to similar outrage from many users. It's not the same as previously but it does now resemble the old site.

The main points are, reduce the acres of wasted white space, and reduce the intensity of the white too, and increase contrast to the post titles with a darker blue. It might look cool to younger people but a good number of us are old farts...

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I don’t actually have an issue with the style, I personally think that it is clean, tidy and easy to read and I am an old fart :eagerness:

I’d like to see the Quote function back but understand why it has been disabled, speed (though this does seem to be improving on a daily basis) is still an issue, as is the floating page issue.

Quote dhfan: "reduce the acres of wasted white space"

Not sure how that problem manifests itself as it doesn't look like that to me. Any chance you could post a screen grab?

Speed has improved immensely but still not what it used to be nor what I would expect compared with PPRuNe, Flyer and LAA which are the other forums I frequent.

Just a thought and undoubtedly teaching grannies to suck eggs :highly_amused:, but I wonder whether clearing browser data might help a bit if people haven't done so already?

I'm using Chrome in Win10.