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Duxford Diary 2019 thread –  we have identified the migration error and restored the thread. And will push the content live again before the end of the week. We are also checking that this was an isolated error.

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Spam feedback noted, there has been no security breach and we are currently reviewing the registration / sign up procedure to reduce the possibilities of this happening again.

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I suppose the sentiment is  in the right direction.

However, perhaps you haven't noticed, but almost everybody has gone.

A month ago, you faced an avalanche of criticism about what you had done, yet you chose offer nothing but platitudes.

If the forum can rise again from these ashes, I would be amazed. I think it is over. 

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All rather pointless now as the person who wrote it and filled it with wonderful images has gone elsewhere and started a fresh, to little to late and you are still stuck with a poorly designed and laid out forum that no one asked for nor wanted.... rather like shooting oneself in ones foot.