Private Messaging is being released today

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The Private Messaging functionality is being enabled this afternoon for you all to use. The message centre can be found by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT button at the top of the site and then on Private Messages. You will also notice that there if you have new messages their is a notification icon to the left of MY ACCOUNT.

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Messages are displayed in a similar style to WhatsApp messages


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Messages can also be sent directly from a post using the button in the user block:

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Hi All,

 What is the deal with Insert Videos/ PM's and Editing your posts ? Cannot download videos and place them on the new forum like we did on the old site/ Cannot edit any of my posts, no facility and the PM's how can you tell if someone has answered ? Or does the PM work by displaying your sent message ?

At the moment according to my account I have two messages waiting but when I click the icon it just shows my sent messages ? ? ?


It looks like someone has acquired and set up this forum and then abandoned it? I see spammers have infiltrated already and their posts haven't been removed.

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Generally to send a PM we click on "Send private message" in the user block but what do we do if the user block does not contain a user link, please?

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When I get a PM I am notified by the "You have 1 unread message" in the My Account block, but even when I've read it the message stays. Is there any fix or way of cancelling the message, please?

Unread PM message

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Have all the old PMs been lost forever?

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Has the private messaging facility been withdrawn? When I follow the instructions in the initial post, ultimately it leads to a page with the legend 'page not found'. Has it gone or am I doing something fundamentally wrong?