2009 NATS Infringement Figures on FlyOnTrack

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Infringement Stats (NATS reported) for 2009 are now on FlyOnTrack. Disappointing that we could not keep the 'high risk' down to the '3' of 2008 or better but at least they show some improvement on the old 'standard' of one per month. FlyOnTrack Home Page then click on the Statistics box - although you might want to look at the 'future known restrictions' pdf in the hot news whilst you are on the home page. If we can keep the vigilance and awareness going, and get more and more help from technology such as the lightweight transponder I saw in a gyro recently, new ideas like the NATS approved GPS, and some back ground tricks up the NATS sleeve to do with detections of potential problems from primary returns too, that should all help, but I think the main gains to be had are still on the human side - preparation, planning, and recognising early the chain of events which often leads to cockpit overload and distraction, which then is often the lead in to an infringement. ps: new radar replay coming this week
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