Duxford Safety Bonus Day 2010 (FREE)

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Duxford Bonus Safety Day 17th April 2010

Duxford Airfield has been running special Bonus Days for the last four years and they will continue in 2010.

On 17th April, to kick-off the flying season, we will have a FREE informal Safety Bonus Day – Fly-in or Drive-in

Following the successful 2008 and 2009 events, the Safety day will be a mixture of informal presentations and opportunities to chat to the professionals and ask the questions that have been bothering you. The presentations will be repeated, so you can arrive and leave when it suits you best. The Safety Day will be held in the new AirSpace Hangar and is open from 10.30 until 16.30; the airfield is open from 10.00 until 18.00 (local time).

The program has something for every GA pilot:

There will be three presentations running from 11.30 in the morning and repeated at 14.00 in the afternoon:

Collision Avoidance (David Cockburn, CAA) at 11.30 and 14.00
Avoiding Controlled Airspace Infringements (Jonathan Smith, NATS) at 12.00 and 14.30
How D & D Can help you (Martin Smith, D&D) at 12.30 and 15.00

As last year there will be a set of informal table-top chats – walk around and talk to the experts:

CAS Infringements: AWARE demonstration; radar replays; listening squawks etc (Jonathan Smith, NATS)
Practical tips on using AIS Notam System & Demo (Colin Potter AIS)
CAA topics (David Cockburn, CAA)
What the London FIS can do - meet the FIR FISOs (London FIR FISOs)
CFI Corner - licencing, renewals, ratings - all you wanted to ask(Carol Cooper CFI and CAA Examiner at Andrewsfield)
The extended London LARS - meet a controller (Andy McKnight, NATS Farnborough)
See how D&D can help - it's no trouble (Martin Smith, D&D)
The AOPA Mentoring Scheme – extend an improve your flying (the AOPA team)
AFPEx Demonstrations - the new way to file your flight plans (AFPEx help desk team, NATS)

In recognition of the importance of the Safety theme, there’s no charge at all for landing and the Safety Day programme. Also, if the weather is poor on 17th April, or if you can’t fly in, you can come in free by car – but you must pre-book. Call 01223 833376 to arrange your PPR. To avoid congestion, we are operating a 'broad slot' system to spread landing times - so call soon!

It will be a great day out – interesting and informative and at a fantastic fly-in venue.

The airfield team look forward to hearing from you ( 01223 833376) and seeing you on the day.

The next discounted Duxford Bonus Day for all aircraft is 22nd May 2010.

Just for people who don’t know, I should declare my interest. I’m a casual FISO at Duxford. I’m also a pilot who thinks the place is pretty marvellous.


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