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The 137 members of type were used in many different roles but only went to war once, during the Falklands Conflict in 1982, where she gave the invaders a bloody nose. XH558 is 106ft nose to tail [inc. probe] & 111ft wing span, and is powered by 4x Rolls Royce Olympus 202 engines each developing 16,500lbs of thrust, which in service, gave her a top speed of 647mph at 48000ft (0.93Mach) XH558 was the first Mk2 Vulcan to enter RAF service. She was delivered to 230OCU at RAF Waddington on 1st July 1960. She had a very varied service life starting as a training aircraft to a front line Nuclear Bomber, to a Maritime Radar Reconnaissance, to an In-flight Refuelling Tanker and finally as the only Vulcan flying in the RAF from 1986-1993 as a Display aircraft. XH558 has gone on to obtain her A8-20 Permit to Fly from the CAA and has appeared at a number of airshows in 2008. She should be around for approx 10yrs so you may enjoy her grace and beauty for a long time to come. Vulcan XH558 carries the distinction of being the First, the Last and now the only VForce Aircraft flying.
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Welcome Sammy, there is a big thread in the Historical section if you are unawares :D with pictures and details of her