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If your passion is General Aviation then you may be interested in some of our fantastic products this January. From books and calendars to DVDs and magazines, you'll find everything you need at Key's Online Shop. For more information on our full range of aviation gift ideas visit us today. OUT NOW Today's Pilot May Issue Featuring: Flight Test Mini-Fighter Dave Unwin flies the exciting new MySky MS-1. Ask The Experts Perplexed by the primer, a query on 'q' or dense about density altitude? Our team of experts can help. The Sound of Silence Willi Tacke was one of the first journalists to fly the e-Spyder, a single-seat ultralight that is set to become the world's first electric-powered production aircraft. Helicopter Transitions A helicopter leaves the ground and returns to it in a rather different way from an aeroplane. Helen Krasner explains how it all works. Flight Safety Accidents from this month's AAIB bulletin and incident reports from CHIRP. Building an RV-12 Jerry Parr files his first report on assembling Van's new Light Sport Aircraft kit. So far, it's gone together remarkably well - and quickly. Taming the Taildragger Given the right nosewheel training, the conversion to a taildragger should be no real problem. Derek Piggott gives the low-down on landing technique. Gentle Giant Shorn of its Cold War menace, the Soviet-era An-12 has been recast as a hero of humanitarian relief efforts, serving some of the most difficult regions in the world. John Miller takes a turn at the controls Italian All-rounder - the MD3 Rider Jochen Ewald samples a Czech-designed, Italian-built ultralight certificated in Germany - and available in the USA as a Light Sport Aircraft. Six FREE Landings This month's featured airfields are Enniskillen, Netherthorpe, Old Buckenham, Sandtoft, Shobdon and Weston. and much more! Today's Pilot May Issue is available now for just £3.95 from WHSmith and all other leading newsagents. Alternatively, order your copy from our online shop with FREE P&P* *UK and BFPO only AVAILABLE NOW To mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the editorial team at FlyPast have assembled ground-breaking material from renowned aviation historians and writers to pay tribute to ‘The Few’. In this perfect-bound 132-page special publication the epic struggle over the fields of England during the summer of 1940 is covered in detail, using a barrage of illustrations, including specially commissioned artwork. Features include: • Churchill’s Few - We list all of the pilots and aircrew who fought in the ‘Battle’. • Luftwaffe order of battle - the massed forces facing ‘The Few’. • Battle Colours - RAF fighter heraldry and markings during 1940. • Visit the Battle - Guide to museums and other venues devoted to telling the story. And much more! Just £4.99! CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY NOW NEW! Piper Seneca - Introduction to Flight DVD Welcome aboard the Piper Seneca - one of the most popular twin engine aircraft in the world! After a detailed introduction to this sporty 6-seater, you'll get a personal look inside a professional flight training center to witness some of the steps involved to earn your very own pilot's license! Key Price: Just £12.49 + FREE P&P* - BUY NOW Mooney M20C - Introduction to Flight DVD Welcome aboard the Mooney M20C - one of the hottest 4 seat aircraft in the sky today! Key Price: Just £12.49 + FREE P&P* - BUY NOW Cessna 172 Skyhawk - Introduction to Flight DVD Welcome aboard the Cessna 172 Skyhawk… one of the most popular aircraft of all time! Join in from classroom, to pre-flight aircraft inspection, to an actual in-flight training session! Key Price: Just £12.49 + FREE P&P* - BUY NOW For our full range of superb DVDs and other aviation products visit our online shop today! World Directory of Leisure Aviation 2009/10 Extensively revised for 2009, the latest edition of World Directory of Leisure Aviation has reinforced its position as the only international guide to aircraft that fly for fun. The publication is now more sharply focused than before, with all foot-launched aircraft (such as paragliders) moved to a new publication called World Directory of Free-Flight, and the space freed up as a result used for more comprehensive coverage of the remaining aircraft - anything from a microlight to a lightplane, including gyros and light helicopters. In total, over 750 aircraft are described and pictured! Key Price: Just £5.99 + FREE P&P* - BUY NOW World Directory of Free Flight 2009/10 Featuring over 1000 paragliders and other foot-launch and related aircraft, including hang gliders, powered hang gliders, paramotors, paraplanes and foot-launched ultralight gliders! WDFF 2009/10 aims to provide high-detailed coverage on every foot-launched aircraft! Key Price: Just £4.99 + FREE P&P* - BUY NOW
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