'Hard to Recognise' VRPs - know any?

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if you know a 'vrp' that is current so marked on the chart but is actually difficult to spot / recognise from the air, (eg perhaps it was a disused airfield that is now completely built on, or that sort of thing) - can you e-mail CAA DAP about it please to dave dot drake at caa dot co dot uk - cheers. If you happen to know any feature that isn't a VRP but is no longer 'viable' as what the chart says it is, that's a different thing - there is a contact on the chart itself - so for example, Zeals disused airfield was never a VRP but in recent years it was no longer recognisable as a disused airfield (unless you happen to take a very close look at the white 'tower like' house there and realise it is an old military tower - so someone finally told the chart people, at it's gone as a disused airfield on the new charts. Thanks
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Idon't know about hard to see VRPs but some grass airfields (and even some with hard runways) are notorious for blending with the scenery enough to make them hard to spot. I can understand it with grass airfields and even more so with farm strips. It's easy to lose a green field when it is surrounded by green fields.