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Good morning all

My name is Mark Wilson and I have been a frequent visitor and occasional contributor to this site for a few years now.

This coming Sunday (18th) I am running in my first ever Marathon here in Brighton with a view to raising funds for St Dunstan's.

St Dunstan's as you may know are an organisation dedicated to providing help and care for blind and partially sighted ex-servicemen and women, many of whom may have been directly or indirectly involved in events discussed on this Forum.

If you want to sponsor me then please follow the following link:

With kind regards

Mark :)

P.S. Many thanks to Moggy and the Moderators who have given permission for me to open this thread.

PPS. For further details of the great work undertaken by St Dunstan's please follow the following link:

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Hi folks

I did it!!

It was hard work and I look forward to being able to walk in a straight line again in the not too distant future.

Finish time was 5 hours 26 minutes which was a bit slower than my 5 hour target but hey, its the first one I have ever done, I wasn't last and have raised over £750 for a very worthwhile charity.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me and also to the Mods for allowing me to put this posting on here.

Kind regards