Any pointers to environmentally friendly aero engine research welcome

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I am entering my final year in a BA Accounting.

For the last 2 years I have tentatively pin pointed that my interest would be to write a 12,000 word dissertation on the financial benefits of the environmentally friendly aero engines being developed.

To this end at my own expense I have done Farnborough 2008, Duxford 2008, Leuchars 2007, Leuchars 2009 and hope to go to Farnborough 2010.

So far I have spoken with Rolls Royce on a few occasions but as yet only have pointers within their web sites.

I have also seen the literature on the prototype APU planned for use on some Airbus Industrie models of the future.

I have also talked to Reaction Engines on the topic of their LAPCAT project.

Can anyone help with any more pointers (e.g. URLs, names of companies) to any possible interesting projects going on the topic of e-friendly aero engines ?

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BTW what are the views on a 120 deg V6? My employer tried this years back in a race engine then went back to a conventional V- layout.