Duxford Bonus day Saturday 19th June 2010 - CESSNAs

If you fly a Cessna, come to Duxford on 19th June

Perhaps you wanted to come to the Safety Bonus Day or the Pilot Day and couldn't get a slot? This is your chance for a discounted day out at Duxford?

Duxford is home the Imperial War Museum and must be the premier destination for GA pilots in Europe. Most weekends through the flying season, although there are no guarantees, you are quite likely to see warbirds flying – Spitfire, Hurricane, B17, Catalina and other rare types are based at Duxford.

The Bonus days offer great discounted prices: qualifying types of aircraft (or pilots) will enjoy half-price landing fees and much reduced museum admission. Single or twin can land for £7; museum entry is £7 for most adults and children come in free. All Cessna aircraft, single or twin, qualify on 19th June.

There’s lots to see, the £25+ million ‘AirSpace’ project, the American Air Museum and four hangars packed with vintage aircraft, many in flying order – really a ‘must-see.’

Fly a Piper, or can't make the 19th June? Here's the other Bonus Day events for 2010:

July 24 Piper Bonus Day -arrive in any light Piper

August 14 New PPL Flyout and Experience Building Bonus Day - new PPLs make a cross-country flight with an experienced PPL. See separate thread for details and to note your interest:
www.forums.flyer.co.uk/viewtopic ... 10&t=59807

September 18th AOPA Bonus Day - for AOPA members and all interested in AOPA. Meet the AOPA folk and exchange opinions. Presentation planned.

As well as Bonus Days, Duxford welcomes FLY-INs. Any group of pilots planning to visit Duxford can arrange special prices in advance, subject to a minimum of about 6 aircraft (for discounted landing fees) and/or 20 people (for discounted museum admission as well). This does not apply to event days, and it must be pre-arranged in writing with the airfield manager, Frank Marson.

Further information about the Bonus Days and information for fly-in visitors can be found on the web site
www.duxford.iwm.org.uk/server/show/nav.1665 and click on the link Bonus Days (also airfield information link).

The airfield team will be delighted to hear from forumites (call for PPR, briefing and broad slot time 01223 833376) and to see you on the day - call asap as the popular slot times get booked up in advance.

Just for people who don’t know, I should declare my interest. I’m a casual FISO at Duxford. I’m also a pilot who thinks the place is pretty marvellous.



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It's a nice morning at Duxford, but the forecast is for tempo strong crosswind. Here's the Stansted METAR and TAF:
METAR EGSS 190450Z 34009KT 9999 BKN040 09/06 Q1016=
TAF EGSS 190456Z 1906/2012 34012KT 9999 SCT040 TEMPO 1909/1921 34017G27KT PROB30 TEMPO 1910/1918 8000 SHRA=

If you're planning to fly in and take advantage of a Duxford Bonus day discounts, give us a call for PPR 01223 833376.