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Can anyone here tell me the recommended flap settings for landing in a Premier Jet? Thanks very much. DC
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Watch this space That's all I can come up with matey. Here is some more:
As per the FAA approved Flight Manual of Hawker Beech craft Corporation for Aircraft Premier 1 Model 390: The corresponding Average Landing Distance is 3350-3400 feet, or 3375 feet approx., and V ref 114 knots. There is a Landing Distance correction of 140 feet for 10 knots headwind. The Associated conditions are: as required to maintain 3 deg approach angle to 50 feet & retard to Idle at 50 feet; approach speed : V ref; Flaps: Down; Anti-skid: Normal; Brake: Maximum; Lift Dump: Extended after touch down. There is an increase in landing distance of 60% for Flapless Landing as per the check-list. Therefore the Landing Distance is corrected as 3375-140=3235 + 1941 = 5176 feet, which is considerably less than the total runway length available for landing corresponding to V ref of 114 knots the Vac is 127 knots, conforming to the weight of 11000 pounds.
They only mention 10 degrees and "down". 19.03.2008 accident report