Rhyl Air Show 7 & 8 Aug

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Just to give everyone a 'Heads Up' there is an air show off the prom at Rhyl this weekend. The North Wales coast line is a popular transit route for many so please be aware of this event which will be NOTAMED with further details on www.rhylairshow.co.uk Sat just has a 2 items PLUS the RAF Falcons para dropping at 15:30hrs (local) Sun is the main day with the REDS at 14:00 followed by aerobatic aircraft, fast jets, warbirds, the Wing Walkers finishing with the Falcons dropping at 16:00(local) We suffered a civil aircraft who flew between 2 JP's last year and then 20mins later decided to fly down the display line going head to head with an inverted Spitfire so we would obviously like to avoid that this year. Last year the REDS\CAA successfully prosecuted an aircraft inside the REDS RA(T) at a North Wales event so be warned!!
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