STOL Cessna 182Q ?

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Whilst loitering at Norwich today I snapped some photos of a ,US registered, Cessna landing ! all looked normal untill I loaded todays photos onto my laptop and discovered this one has canard wings .... mmmmmm !!! Bit of googling found references to the Peterson (Wren) modification (conversion) which fits the bill, although the complete mod kit includes stol wingtip conversion and some weird looking wing fences which seem to be missing from this example ?? Does anybody know for sure if this is that mod or another ???? Keith.
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The front wing is a sign of the Wren mod. It featured the "Wren's teeth" on the wing (which is what I believe are the fences you're refrerring to) which were anti-adverse-yaw swiveling plates, double -slotted flaps and drooped ailerons. The canard's elevator was mechanically linked to the regular elevator for greater control at low landing speeds. A later version offered a special Hartell prop with a 5 degree low-pitch stop with Beta control. Cessna engineer/test pilot William D. Thompson said that he estimated that you could get 90% of what the package offered with just the prop alone.