Duxford AOPA Bonus Day 18th September 2010

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Duxford AOPA Bonus Day, Saturday 18th September 2010 There are at least four good reasons to fly-in to Duxford on 18th September: • To listen to and question the rulemakers: Eric Sivel from EASA (Deputy Head of Rulemaking) and Ben Alcott from the CAA (head of Group safety Services); there will be two presentations, questions after each presentation and BBC style 'Question Time' session where a panel will discuss and try to answer your questions. • To find out about AOPA, what it is doing for you, meet Martin Robinson and the AOPA team and make your views on AOPA known (oh yes, you can also join) -- members and interested non-members are welcome with their guests • To have a fun day out at a great venue with like-minded pilots, enter the Concours, win prizes, see some of the modern aircraft on offer from AOPA corporate members • To save money with Bonus Day discounts on landing and museum admission fees 18th September is the last Duxford Bonus Day of 2010 and, as you can see from the above bullets, it will be really special. Duxford is home the Imperial War Museum and must be the premier destination for GA pilots in Europe. Most weekends through the flying season, although there are no guarantees, you are quite likely to see warbirds flying – Spitfire, Hurricane, Mustang, B17, Catalina and other rare types are based at Duxford. The Bonus days offer great discounted prices: qualifying types of aircraft (or pilots) will enjoy half-price landing fees and much reduced museum admission. Single or twin can land for £7; museum entry is £7 for most adults and children come in free. There’s lots to see: the £25+ million ‘AirSpace’ project, the American Air Museum and four hangars packed with vintage aircraft, many in flying order – really a ‘must-see.’ Unlike most Duxford Bonus Days, you can drive in for the day, as well as fly-in. There's a two-part registration process: first with AOPA and then PPR/briefing at Duxford. Fly-in arrivals are managed on a broad-slot system and it's first-come, first served, so get in contact with AOPA and Duxford as soon as you can. Register your interest on the AOPA web site: http://www.joinaopa.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=175&Itemid=174. Call Duxford for PPR/briefing (drivers and well as pilots): 01223 833376. The airfield team will be delighted to hear from you. Information for visitors can be found at: http://www.duxford.iwm.org.uk and go to the flying page. Just for people who don’t know, I should declare my interest. I’m a casual FISO at Duxford. I’m also a pilot who thinks the place is pretty marvellous. Alan.
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