2010 Flying Restrictions (and Pope's visit)

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I've put up the latest 'currently known restrictions' for the rest of the year on http://www.flyontrack.co.uk - it's not as busy as mid Summer, but there are a few restrictions to come yet -Old Warden and Duxford events for example, some Red Arrows events left, and other things I hadn't though of like the Ryder Cup in S. Wales coming up. Worth a couple of minutes for browsing. There's also a competition running on the competitions tag. HOWEVER - the 4 days of the Pope's visit 16th-19th Sept are not mentioned and there will be restrictions in that period - please refer to NOTAM or the freephone 0500-354802 day by day to find out where they are.
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I wonder if the Pope will be enforcing the No-Fly zone with his original 88mm AckAck gun, .. see if the old magic is still there :rolleyes:

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I hear from a mate who knows these things that during the Olympics in 2012, there will be many restrictions to GA flying, including a rumour of a complete no-fly restriction in the South East. :eek: Discuss that!!

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an interesting thought but since the new government have identified all health and safety officers as working against the future recovery of the uk with any luck we will have a new sport at the olypics called tar and feather H+S officers.