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Posts: 2,128 Featuring: Flight Test Fieseler Fi-156 Dave Unwin flies the Luftwaffe's legendary Storch. RV-12 Update - A Tale Of Two Wings How's that RV-12 coming along? Jerry Parr explains. Six FREE Landings This month we have yet another six airfields participating in our free landings scheme. Aviation Fuel - Between A Rock And A Hard Place With environmentalists pushing for an end to 100LL avgas and bio-ethanol being blended into mogas, what are we going to run our aeroplanes on? Philip Whiteman investigates. Aptitude For Altitude To become a commercial pilot you will need to be fit, capable and above all determined. You will also need lots of money. Philip Whiteman explains. Going Foreign It was Robert Louis Stevenson who said "there are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign." Neil Rathbone disagrees… Flight Safety Accidents from this month's AAIB bulletin and incident reports from CHIRP. Going Places - San Sebastian Our roving reporter Bill Vidal samples Spain's San Sebastian and has a great time, despite the weather! Flight Test Grand Design- AgustaWestland A109S Roomy, easy to operate and outstandingly fast, the appropriately named Grand is the helicopter of choice for VIP, police and air-ambulance work. Helen Krasner reports. Today's Pilot November issue is available now for just £3.95 from WHSmith and all other leading newsagents. Alternatively, order your copy now with FREE P&P* from our online shop.
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