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Does anyone know what sort of costs/time are involved in learning to fly a helicopter?

I would like to learn, just think helicopters better than planes


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PPL (H) on Robinson R22B is 45 hours min time i think - where in the world are you?

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Work on 45hrs - including 10hrs solo - as the legal minimum. Expect to pay £200 to £250 per hour for an R22 depending on where you fly.


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Could not resist the list of ---------

Why Helicopters are Better than Women

1. A helicopter will kill you quickly . . . a woman takes
her time.

2. Helicopters can be turned on by a flick of a switch.

3. A helicopter does not get mad if you 'touch and go.'

4. A helicopter does not object to a preflight inspection.

5. Helicopters come with manuals.

6. Helicopters have strict weight and balance limits.

7. You can fly a helicopter any time of the month.

8. Helicopters don't come with in-laws.

9. Helicopters don't whine unless something is really

10. Helicopters don't care about how many other helicopters
you have flown.

11. When flying, you and your helicopter both arrive at the
same time.

12. Helicopters don't mind if you look at other helicopters,
or if you buy helicopter magazines.

13. It's OK to use tie-downs on your helicopter.