Tipsy Nipper successful force landing

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Ignore the headline ''Following the dramatic landing at around 2:30pm last Sunday, he said: “I was at 1,500ft and the engine just stopped. I checked the instruments and nothing was untoward – the drive belt from the engine to the fuel pump had gone. Then it was just a matter of making the emergency call and picking a field. “The landing was surprisingly smooth. I was expecting the plane to turn over, but it came to a stop after about 50 yards.” Mr Brompton, who was in the RAF for 36 years and has 45 years of flying experience, bought the Slingsby Tipsy Nipper T-66 aircraft after he retired. ''
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"Car pulls into roadside following engine failure" "Aircraft lands in field following engine failure" Slow news day obviously.

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Glad it all turned out smoothly- a number of previous Tipsy Nipper forced landings have resulted in the aircraft flipping over, with fatal results in at least two cases. Glad it stayed upright!

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That is some shoddy wirelocking, and it was done by an LAA inspector? :eek:

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Shocking locking yes. I wonder if the bolts were new at prop fit and if not, how many hours had they run. Were the threads in the prop flange worn? The AAIB may have been happy with the metalurgy of the bolts but did they tick off the the above questions too?

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Met that John Brompton bloke when I was doing some flying in Dundee a few years ago. We used to think how unrealiable and dangerious that tiny little thing looked! He was very proud and protective of it, as we found out one day when we were shouted at for placing our a/c covers on top of his beloved plane (we thought it was a table under some sheets) Glad it all ended well. Bet he is enjoying all this attention :diablo: