Plane crash in Cambridgeshire

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Breaking news, I think..
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Condolences to those bereaved and RIP to the soul lost Condolences to those bereaved and RIP to the soul lost

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Sigh....:( My friend witnessed this as he was coming back up the A1 in his artic from Thetford. He saw the plane hit the power lines, and then the front window and pilots headset landed on the road in front of him. He stopped along with another driver, and they jumped throught the hedges, cutting themselves badly, and ran to the plane. A few minutes later a paramedic arrived, and sadly there was no pulse from the pilot. He's in bits at the moment at the thought of seeing someone killed in front of him. On behalf of my good friend and fellow truck driver Trevor, and of course myself, our thoughts are with the pilots family.
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That is very tragic. RIP and condolences to the bereaved. :(