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Hi all I was asked the other day by a pilot friend if there was anyway he could maintain his own aeroplane, his only relevant paperwork was a PPL (no b.1 etc)? He had been told that if is hangar was up to snuff with all manuals tools etc and he paid a large fee he could be giving a ticket to maintain that machine (his only), Sounds a bit to good to be true to me but I'm not in the know so........ Regards
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There are jobs he can already do on it, the ANO tells him what, i will sort out a link if i remember, as for the rest well that would be going for his licences.
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The first question to ask is if the aircraft is on an airworthiness certificate or permit? Certificate aircraft can have their 50 hour checks done by the owner - we always did this with the PA22 and it saved two or three hundred quid every six months. There is no question of a hangar inspection - do it in a field if you wish. Permit aircraft can be fully owner maintained, but will require the annual to be signed off by a PFA engineer / inspector Moggy