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Hopefully you flying types that frequent this forum will have read the NOTAM reactivating RAF Lyneham's ATZ. This is as a result of the Olympics forcing a number of Air Cadet Volunteer Gliding Squadrons off their home turf. This means that until the middle of September there will be 6 or so Vigilant (Grob109) motor gliders operating from morning to dusk. Its over a year since the Hercs left Lyneham and some aviators have reclaimed the airspace but from the number of incursions happening at Lyneham its obvious that reading NOTAMS is a low prority for some of them. The VGS are a friendly bunch if you talk to them (123.300 MHz) but they are duty bound to report infringements, and one C152 pilot has already found the RAF waiting for him on landing. Aeronut (who may or may not have been Lynham Radio this week)
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