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I bet that some members on our site know about this, but here is an app that will track commercial and some cargo planes in both real time and staggered time. A friend of mine showed this to me, I thought it was quite interesting. Without further adieu, I bring to you Flight Radar 24.
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I have used it on both Android and iPhone for a long while now and it runs very well on both.
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It runs on my phone also. I had some very dreary car park 'meet & greet' to do the other week and it filled time nicely watching contrails scratch their way across the sky and putting an airline and type to each of them. Moggy
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You can buy the tracking apparatus and contribute to the coverage. Some friends in South Africa already do. I was thinking of it here (Gabon) as there is no tracking this part of the planet. But right now $500 is a bit out of reach. I would be able to pick up planes within a radius of 200nm equiped with ADS-B equipment see Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast
"Flightradar24's coverage is primarily made up of data contributed by volunteers from around the world. Roughly 1,000 aviation enthusiasts with ADS-B receivers regularly feed data to our network. You can help us increase the coverage in your area, regardless if you already own ADS-B equipment or you are interested in getting ADS-B equipment."